What We Do

The S. Ford Foundation has been around in a way since Dr. Sara Ford earned her medical degree and started practicing. She has always helped abused & homeless animals in any way that she could. She has rescued many animals & placed them with good homes or even taken them in herself. Legally, The S. Ford Foundation began in June of 2001.

The Foundation is a grassroots non profit organization that benefits homeless, neglected and abused cats and dogs in the San Diego area. These animals are rescued, provided with medical care and then found good homes for adoption. All are animals that would otherwise be euthanized because of their undesirable predicament of being homeless, abused or ill. Minor injuries or medical problems would hinder them from being considered adoptable at the local animal shelter. The S. Ford Foundation saves this type of animal.

The mission of the S. Ford Foundation is simple: “Striving to Save the Savable” This means that any animal rescued by the program will be rehabilitated medically and sometimes socially, and placed for life in loving homes.

The goal is clear, save the savable. The means by which to do this includes many hours of pro bono work from the doctors and medical staff and donations from the caring public to help facilitate the medical procedures and to facilitate the implementation of adoption programs.

Donated funds allow for the rehabilitation of hundreds of animals that would otherwise be euthanized, allowing them to be adopted into permanent, loving homes. The goals that we have set can be accomplished through community awareness and your donations to the program. You can actually save a life by donating your money or your time to this organization.

The Foundation’s success in their mission directly depends on the funds available. The dedicated medical staff, technicians and secretarial staff all volunteer their time to the S. Ford Foundation. A volunteer program helping to save these animals is in the process of being implemented, please email us for more information on how you can help.

Since the foundation obtains no administrative fees from contributions, every dollar pays for a pet’s x-ray, surgery, medicine or other direct cost.

Donations also help the foundation house the animals until they can be adopted. Animals housed by the Foundation receive 24 hour care by dedicated volunteer. Some funds provide access to new technologies to ensure the highest quality in veterinary medicine.