Horse Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Horse vitamin and mineral supplements are often added to a grain mix to ensure that it is a balanced meal and meets the horse’s nutritional requirements on a minimal level. The best way to use vitamin and mineral supplements is to incorporate them to balance the diet and to avoid what we call, over-supplementation. So if you are using a grain mix that has vitamins and minerals already incorporated in it, specifically made for the age of your horse, then you may not need to top it up with the vitamin and mineral supplement. Because it is an expensive practice and because you may be disrupting the diet’s formulated nutrient calculations. Meanwhile, there is a side effect when you overfeed your horse with vitamins and minerals supplements. They may create an imbalance in the number of vitamins and minerals in your horse’s diet.

The overall health, performance, and appearance of a horse can be used to determine its vitamin and mineral status. However, all these characteristics can be influenced by several factors such as diseases, parasites, training, and overall nutrition.

Horse Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

How to Examine the Vitamin and Mineral Status of a Horse

Before you can use a best horse vitamin and mineral supplement, there are some ways you can accurately check to see the vitamin and mineral status of a horse.

The first step is to examine the horse’s diet generally. You can evaluate the horse’s daily feeding program based on scientific calculations to determine if the horse is being fed a balanced diet. The daily amount of the horse’s forage of this is checked, needs to be examined by the horse’s daily nutrient intake.

Secondly, the blood of the horse can also be analyzed to check the vitamin and mineral status. The veterinarian may need whole blood, plasma samples for laboratory work. Meanwhile, the blood sample may need to be handled with care so that hemolysis does occur.  So if some nutrient-specific enzyme is present, for example, glutathione peroxidase then that will be measured to determine the status of selenium in a horse.

Thirdly, hair analysis is also another reliable means of assessing the nutritional status of a horse. The hair analysis can vary although this is based on the color of the hair, sex, breed, or even the age of the horse.

Horse Vitamin and Mineral

Vitamin E and Selenium: These two nutrients have received a lot of attention from horsemen and researchers. Both minerals are required by the horse for optimal athletic and also reproductive performance.

Selenium is a mineral and essential nutrient that is often referred to as an antioxidant. It protects the body from oxidative stress. If there is no enough selenium in the soil, for instance, the horse will not get a sufficient amount from forage grown in that location. Feeds with high selenium can cause toxicity and feeds with selenium deficiency, may cause white muscle disease, impaired immunity, muscular dystrophy, etc. (more…)

Bella Update

Bella Has Been Adopted!

bellaFemale Chihuahua, 1 ½ years old, 9 lbs. Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and healthy.

Our little Bella was a victim of neglect and is doing very well in her foster home relearning how to live indoors, potty training and manners. She’s a pleaser and very motivated by food, and responds well to training and discipline.

Bella is a sweet and spunky girl who loves her human and animal companions, and loves to show her affection. She likes everyone and gets along well with kids, other dogs and cats. She loves to play, will carry her toys around and loves to play fetch. She does well on a leash and enjoys daily walks. Bella has a lot of energy and would do well in an active household where she would get attention, affection, discipline and exercise. When you sit down she’ll be on your lap, will cuddle and sleep with you at night and will be your lifelong companion. This special little girl has so much love to give, can you give Bella the love and attention she deserves?

New Rescue: Tayla

Meet Tayla

TaylaTayla is an approximately 3 year old female cat who was found as a stray. She is an extremely loving girl, full of affection and personality. She is learning her name already, and will greet you every day when you come home.

While Tayla loves human affection, her life on the outside has made her wary of other animals, so Tayla will be happiest in a dog-free household. She is spayed, and up to date on her vaccines.


Her adoptive home must be an indoor home only, and absolutely no declawing is allowed.

If you have any interest in Tayla, please fill out an application and email it to
[email protected]

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Update: Leo Adopted

Meet Leo!

leoLeo is a 2 year old neutered male. He is current on FVRCP a& Rabies vaccinations, microchipped, FIV/FeLV negative, with normal bloodwork, and has received Capstar (so he has no fleas). Leo is super sweet, cuddly, and VERY affectionate. He has nerve damage to left front leg, but ambulates well with good long term prognosis.