Hennessy was hit by a car and never claimed by his owner at the shelter. He was scheduled to be euthanized because he needed orthopedic surgery on his fractured hind leg. On the day he was scheduled to be put to sleep, he was taken out of the shelter and brought to The Foundation for the orthopedic surgery he needed.

We contacted Lisa and Kirk Redfern who are long time supporters of The Foundation, knowing they would be the perfect parents for him. A very short time before Hennessy came to us, Kirk and Lisa lost their beloved Husky (and shelter pet), Nikko. Despite this loss being so recent, they accepted the call and brought Hennessey home. Continue Reading →

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Heed was just a weeks’ old kitten when he was found separated from his mother and he was brought to SFF by Animal Control. He was fostered back to health by friends of the S Ford Foundation (Chanin and Chris Scheil), then thankfully adopted by the great animal lovers Dave and Jane Ezratty when he was 2 months old. He now shares a house with 5 other cats and their dog Chewie, who thinks she’s a cat. Heed is an active and mischievous boy who spends his days bouncing off the walls and chasing imaginary butterflies. When he finally settles down for a nap, he can be found curled up with his best friends Cedric and Chewie.
Falcor was a 3 month old male puppy who was born with only part of a right front leg. He did fine with the “stump”, until he escaped from his yard and was attacked by two dogs. The attack left him clinging to life with punctured and bruised lungs and a fracture to his “stump.” Due to the severity of the fracture & the fact that he was unable to use his leg anyway, he had an amputation performed and now has 3 legs. Despite all of these terrible injuries, he is still a sweetheart and is recovering well!

ABEL was a 1 year old male black and white kitty who presented here after being hit by a car and left on the side of the road for dead. He had severe facial injuries and was slated to be euthanized by animal control. Due to the diligent efforts of Dr. Mullen, Dr. Serdy and Dr. Ford- he was rescued and doing great! Continue Reading →

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Veterinary Memorials In Honor Of:

Dr. Sara L. Ford, VCA Emergency Animal Hospital & Specialty Services
On Behalf of Newman (by Rebecca Stevens)
Dr. Patricia Unger,
Kensington Veterinary Hospital
On Behalf of Maggie (by Aparna Bharati)  Continue Reading →

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